flash-serp-note-border-300x107Google has recently decided to step up their campaign against sites using Flash, Adobe’s multimedia based web site technology.  Flash has for a while now been known to not be friendly towards spiders or mobile devices.  This is what has driven Google to come to a decision.

Starting today, in an announcement by Google, warnings will be issued to searchers when algorithms detect that a website isn’t supported on the device they are using.  Basically, what this means is if you’re on your iPhone (or any iDevice for that matter) or Android, and you run across a site found through Google, and there is at least one listing in the search results of a site that runs Flash, Google may issue a warning that Flash is not supported on the device you’re using and try to get you to not run the site as it’s not able to run optimally in the first place.

The warning reads:
“Uses Flash.  May not work on your device.  Try anyway | Learn more.”

Because of this, there is a higher chance that those using mobile devices. more people are probably going to stray away from these sites.  If you are running a website that utilizes Flash, you may want to reconsider and switch over to HTML 5 and make sure your site is upgraded to be able to support it.  This is due to the fact that mobile devices are able to run this particular form of tech.  This is the case with both mobile AND desktop browsers.

Keita Oda, Google’s software engineer, and Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst had this to say:
“Fortunately, making websites that work on all modern devices is not that hard: websites can use HTML5 since it is universally supported, sometimes exclusively, by all devices.”

Are you curious for more?  There are to resources from Google that can help those webmaster who need to upgrade their sites:

  • Web Fundamentals: This is a source for your modern best practices.
  • Web Starter Kit: This resource is a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box.

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