Are you looking for tips to make your presentations more engaging and captivating? Google Slides created some advanced features that will help you enhance your presentation design and flow. In this episode of Google for Work, our hosts share with us some design tips and cover handy Slides features.

We usually select a template or theme when we want to create a new Slides presentation. But did you know that you can also create your own customized template by using Master Slides? With Master Slides you’re able to integrate your company logo, add slide numbers or select a specific font. To create a Master Slides, you just need to go to “View” and then select “Master”. Every new image or text you’ll include in your Master Slide will be automatically added to your Slides layout. Master Slides will definitely save your time and keep your presentation design coherent, especially when multiple people need to work on the same deck together!

Jimmy and Drea also walk us through some tips on how to best incorporate in Slides Youtube videos or charts from Sheets. By integrating your videos in your deck, you improve your presentation flow and avoid distracting your audience. To embed your video in Slides, select “Insert”, then “Video” and choose a video! If you want to insert a chart from a Sheet instead, follow a similar process: click on the “Chart” option and select “From Sheets”. Select the Sheet you want to insert and make sure that the “link to Spreadsheet” box is ticked. One of the advantages of embedding a chart from Google Sheets is that it can be updated in your Slides as soon as any change is made in the linked spreadsheet. This is a very useful feature if you need to present business figures that get updated minute by minute.

Finally Jimmy walk us through the new Slides Q&A feature, which will certainly make your presentation more engaging: it allows your audience to ask questions using their laptops or mobile devices. This is most helpful for large meetings or Hangouts. Jimmy walk us through the setup process of a Slide Q&A: go to the “Presenter View” option and select the tab “Audience Tools”. To start a Q&A, click the “Start new” button: an unique URL will be generated, where your audience can ask you questions. You will be able to monitor the new questions directly in your Audience Tools.

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Source – Google for Work