SEMThe one who dies with the most toys wins, right?  It seems that in SEO, there’s a similar idea.  The marketer who has access to the most actionable data wins the day.  In this situation, you need to know that there are different types of data that that will more useful that others.  You have first party, second party, and third party data to work with.

In an Search Engine Land post by , you will see how data that you already have can be used to improve your online marketing ROI.  In David’s post, you will see the difference between the three types of data, as well as other information on existing data, including what you have in your email database, to drive more people to your site.

To view David’s article on using first party data for your SEM purposes, follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: Using First-Party Data For SEM On Google & Way Beyond!