website-bounce-rate-google-analyticsOne of the things I never really loved about looking at my analytics page was having to look at my bounce rate.  It was never a fun thing to have to see.  It seems like it’s not only a battle trying to get people TO your page, but trying to keep them there as well.

A bounce is when somebody visits your page and looks at it without interacting with it at all.  This can be truly frustrating if most of your site is filled with blog posts.  Even though you may have high quality content and a high traffic count, the person reading your content will eventually leave, giving you a bounce.

In a Marketing Land post,  has written an article that discusses how you can get a more accurate bounce rate using Google’s Tag Manager Listener.  With the GTM, you’ll be able to get a more accurate picture on what bounce rate you really are getting.  Instead of adding a bounce because of no page interaction, it determines a bounce if a person stays on the page for less than 15 seconds.  This could make your bounce rate on blog sites a little more accurate, and a little less harsh to see when you check out your analytics.

You can check out Brian’s full article on the GTM and bounce rates by following the link below.

Marketing Land: Using A Google Tag Manager Listener To Get Your Real Bounce Rate