Using Remarketing To Make Your Content And SEO More Awesome!

Remarketing products sm Remarketing can be a great way to get people to come back to your site who has previously been to your site before.  Basically, when somebody comes to your site, that person becomes tagged.  At this point, you can target that person with marketing strategies like emails and banner ads after they’ve left the site.  Using remarketing as a tool can help bring back people and turn them into potential customers who will want to come back time and time again for more of your business.

Larry Kim, a founder and CTO of WordStream, Inc. and contributor to the Moz site, has written up a case study about his company and the SEO efforts that went into grow it in the online market.  Larry’s case study shows that, even with the success of his company, there were still issues they had to overcome.  Of course, one of the major courses of action was using remarketing to help increase traffic and their overall conversion rates.

In this article, you’ll read all about remarketing and some of the strategies that Larry used to deal with his site’s problems.  To find out more, you can follow the link below and check out Larry’s article: