It’s now possible to add YouTube video assets to Google responsive display ad (RDA) campaigns.  Also announced by Google on Thursday, two reporting updates for responsive display ads will be available.

It seems like it would be only natural for YouTube to eventually become an option for RDA campaigns.  Similar to responsive search ads (RSAs), these ads are largely automated, which allows advertisers to add several images, headlines, descriptions, brand logos and now up to five YouTube videos, that get served in different combinations and ad sizes dynamically.

Responsive display ads were announced last fall, with the news that they would become the default display format.  The announcements made this week are the first substantial updates for RDAs since the format was initially rolled out.

By serving dozens of different dynamic combinations, that can make it difficult to evaluate what’s really working.  The new combinations report is designed to give advertisers more insights into the groupings of assets and copy that perform the best.  The report can be found under a new Combinations tab in the Google Ads interface.

New responsive display ads combinations report now available

The variation on the ad strength score that’s available for RSA’s are now also available for RDAs.  Google will display progress reports on the number and quality of images, headlines and descriptions that have been added, with “next steps” tips to help you with improvement.

Ad strength scores and recommendations show above the ad preview in the Google Ads interface

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