Oh Matt Cutts, how we have barely seen or heard from you in the SEO community for quite some time.  After all, it makes sense as he is currently on leave.  But, a few weeks ago, Matt gave a talk at UNC Chapel Hill about the early days working at Google.  Matt provided some key takeaways for those who attended.

What was some of the things attendees took away from the experience?

  • Be creative when in a tough spot
  • Be proactive and ask your boss to work on something that interests you
  • Question your assumptions
  • Set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Have fun and make sure to capture those moments with pictures and videos
  • Work on something that you think matters

If you want to check out the video for yourself, watch the 34 minute video here:

 You can take a look at Matt’s slides by going to the Search Engine Land post written by .

Search Engine Land: Video Of Matt Cutts Talking About The Early Days At Google