VineVine, Twitter’s six-second video platform was given an update today, and now gives us the ability to see “loop counts” on how many times a video has been viewed on the network.

Loop counts are visible on both the desktop and mobile versions of Vine (both iOS and Android versions are being updated today).  The new version of the apps will be treated with a new design, “offering you bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments,” according to a Vine blog post.

Vine had thought this through in advance, as they started compiling loop data on April 3.  Videos created before that date will show a “+” next to the loop count, so that you know that the loop count is actually higher than what’s shown.

Another bit of news announced by Vine is that the Activity feed has been revamped, which separates new and older activity and notifying users when their Vines surpass certain milestones, such as certain number of likes.

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