It seems that ever since the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram popularized vertical video, demand for this format ad inventory has grown as well.  Video ad tech platform Virool launched the Vertical Video Exchange in order to make it easier for advertisers to buy vertical video ad inventory at scale.

Due to a partnership with Bidswitch, there is now access to the exchange to over 150 agency trading desks and DSPs, like Yahoo, Google and AOL.  Previously, only Rubicon Project had been the exclusive programmatic provider of Virool’s ad units.

The inventory that comes in the form of Virool’s Vertical Reveal ad format that the company debuted last May for mobile.  This particular format is being sold on the guarantee of 100 percent viewability.  When less than 50 percent of the pixels are in view, the video ads will pause.  The ads even have socal sharing buttons and customized end cards.

“We’re providing a greenfield source of inventory in brand safe environments. I am excited that now some of the world largest DSPs will be able to sell vertical video ads on top [of] publisher websites through Virool,” said Alex Debelov, CEO at Virool.

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