A Visual Guide To Google: The Mega SERP

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Wide-serp-snippetToday, Dr. Peter J. Meyers posted an article on Moz.  In the article, Peter wrote about how Google’s search result pages seem to be evolving all the time.  He noted that there seems to be new SERP features in isolation all the time.  So, Peter had an idea.  He was going to put together a guide.  Not just any guide, but a visual guide, of the state of Google in 2013.

In this guide, Peter has decided to put together a mega SERP constructed from real results.  The stats taken from 10,000 queries over a weeks time, and represent a variety of lengths and volumes.

Without giving away too much, and to allow you, the readers, to check out Peter’s mega SERP guide, you can follow the link below to read the entire guide:

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