google-adwords-redwhite-1920The other month, an article was written by  that showed us how to check that you’re not still showing ads for last year’s deals.  But here’s a question that many people may have – What if you’re not showing any ads at all?

In cases like this, it’s always a good idea to start with simple explanations first.  Could it be that you’ve simply paused your sale ads and forgotten to reactivate them?  Perhaps you’ve been busy rolling out new ads for copy testing and accidentally missed some ad groups off the bulk sheet.  Another possibility for the absence of ads is that all of the ads in an an group was disapproved and you just haven’t noticed yet.

To make it easy for you, the following script, when copy and pasted into your AdWords account, will go through all of your ad groups and will ultimately let you know if they’re empty of ads or keywords.  Plus, the script will do a few “best practice” checks for you too.  The script will let you know if there are too many keywords or too few ads, if there are no mobile preferred ads, or if there are broad keywords with no negatives to keep them in check.

Once the script has been copy and pasted into your account, there are some steps that has to be taken to make sure the script can work correctly.  The steps can be found in another article by  (where the script was originally found).  Check out the steps here.

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