Was Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Really Mobilegeddon?

Google logo 874x288For months, people in the SEO industry were talking about the major mobile-friendly update that Google was releasing on April 21st that would have a bigger impact than Panda or Pigeon.  Soon, the update came to be known as Mobilegeddon, and more and more people scampered to update their websites to make sure they were ready for release day.

It was confirmed by Google that the rollout did happen as scheduled, and there were some noticable shifts in the mobile results as early as the next day.  But the shifts weren’t massive, they didn’t break the search engine rankings.  There were actually not that significant.  It’s been a week since Google released their update, and I think we can safely say that mobilegeddon isn’t really that big of a thing.

A number of SEO metric companies have been tracking the update since its release, and there hasn’t been any real major shifts in the Google mobile ranking algorithm, at least as of this writing.  Sure, the update may not be done rolling out, and adding the fact that it’s only been a week since the update first launched, so perhaps the statement that Mobilegeddon is nothing much could be totally off.

Dr. Peter Meyers, who hails from Moz kept a log that tracked the mobile search results rankings for a set of top keywords.  And his response?  He said “so far, the big day was April 22nd, and it wasn’t that big.”

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