google-pandaIf you were a webmaster, and you say your search rankings suddenly change, wouldn’t a rational explanation be that perhaps Google did an algorithm update that would result in weird search rankings?  You’d think so.

This past weekend, beginning Friday morning, there was speculation that there could have been a Panda or other Google update that took place.  A number of SEOs and webmasters asked if this was either a Panda related situation, or something else.

After being asked by  about the idea of a weekend update, Google said that there wasn’t any update this weekend.  That includes Panda and Penguin.  Overall, there was no top heavy change at all.

Understandably though, regardless of what Google themselves say, there are those SEOs and and webmasters who don’t buy it.

See the comments here:

From where I stand, I see changes (sessions -10% to -20% and Serps variations) on 10 sites (10 countries) during the w-end. May not be panda updates, but something happened.

What do you think?  Has your website had a fluctuation in its ranking this weekend?  Do you believe Google?

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