Social-media-time-suckWhen you work in social media, you quickly begin to realize one of its biggest danger.  No, it’s not dealing with a Facebook algorithm change or proving to a client your social media campaign ROI.  The biggest danger of them all is the timesuck that can happen if  you aren’t careful.  One minute you’re dutifully posting the necessary posts, the next minute, you’re stuck reading up on somebody’s posted link on Twitter, or watching videos found on Facebook.

By now, you’ve got to admit it to yourself, you’ve probably done this before.  Nobody is immune from the effects of social media and its seductive allure.  The whole point of the job is to create new content and build real relationships with people in your field, rather than looking at posted cat and dog videos.  Although this is certainly true, that doesn’t mean you should spend the whole time being in a business frame of mind.  It’s okay to clear your head and check out something fun on your social media feeds.

With all that said,  has found a number of tools that she uses to keep the social media timesuck from totally ruining your day.  To check them out, go to the following link that takes you to her Marketing Land post!

Marketing Land Column: 20 Tools To Stop The Social Media Timesuck