When it comes to negotiations, you’re probably thinking that it really doesn’t happen very often, as it usually happens in only businesses.  But really, we deal with negotiations more often than you think.  Are you working with an insurance company for a lower bill?  What about selling an online business for the highest amount possible?  Ultimately, you’re trying to hone our negotiation skills.

If you’re a business, obviously, negotiation skills are a must, and it doesn’t matter what your position is.  You could be in sales, or you could be the owner of the company, or the CEO.  You have to be able to know how to negotiate.

Mark Daoust, who has been in the depths of negotiations since 2007 learned some great lessons about negotiations and how you can achieve your goals.  In a post that Mark has written for Search Engine Journal., he has given us some lessons that he’s learned that can help any one of us in the art of negotiation.  Check out his post now by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: 21 Ways to Win Any Negotiation