????????????????????????????????????????If you’re a small SEO business, there’s a good chance you don’t really have a huge budget to play around with, which makes it hard to branch out and do certain things.  As an example, in many cases, it usually takes a bit of money to be able to extract and leverage rich data.  You typically would use a development team, or a large budget.  Sometimes, we just aren’t that lucky.

In the case of obtaining rich data, there is that silver lining that we always hope for.  You could always leverage rich data by utilizing the GA Query Builder or the YouTube Analytics Query Builder.  By using either one of these utilities, you could gather the data you need without it costing an arm and a leg.

Of course, even with the advantage of the GA Query Builder and the YouTube Analytics Query Builder, it may not be enough.  What if there isn’t an API, or there is some unstructured data that you want to look at?  What if there’s data source you want to take a look at, but it’s impossible to export it?

It comes down to simple scraping.  As  said in his YouMoz article, “Web Scraping with Kimono Labs,” content extraction has gone through a lot of changes, giving us plenty of great tools that will help us solve the aforementioned problems.  This is the part where Kimono Labs comes in.  Kimono, a scraping tool, is going to be the center point of Benjamin’s post, although Kimono is certainly not the only option for getting the job done.

In his post, Benjamin discusses several things about Kimono, including how it works, as well as giving us a couple examples of creating a couple scrapers.  There’s quite a good amount of information to be found in his article, so you may want to check it out there.

To read it, you can go to Moz.com, or simply follow the link below.

YouMoz: Web Scraping with Kimono Labs