So you’re doing your end of month reporting, and you’re going down looking at things month on month, year on year, feeling proud of yourself. You’ve got some kind of general upward trending movement right?

Then you look at your channel reports and all of a sudden you see this thing called, ‘other’ and you’re like, ‘other? What the hell is other?’ And then you think, ‘well, I only really care about organic search, I’m just gonna scroll down and see what’s going on there.’

And then all of a sudden you see this ‘not set,’ and you’re like ‘in the name of the wee man, what is not set?’

And then of course staring down the barrel of a gun is not provided too. Much like that better twisted ex girlfriend of yours, it’s been an on off weird relationship the last couple years since Google introduced that.

The thing is, as SEOs, our data informs our strategy, and our strategy is really everything. So if the data that GA’s giving us is completely broken, then technically our strategy is broken as well. Therefore we’re gonna look at a bunch of methods to reclaim that traffic, and rebuild it.