Welcome the Crow Into Google’s Pantheon of Animal Buddies

If you haven’t noticed by now, Google has had an affinity towards naming things after animals.  Take a look at Panda.  How about Penguin?  Just look at that cute hummingbird.  But another animal is to join the ranks of Google animals.

The lucky animal is the Crow.

But what makes this animal so different from it’s SEO/algorithmic pals is that it is a new search trick that adds calculation to Google’s OneBox feature.  For those of you who don’t know what OneBox is, OneBox is where Google presents immediate answers to search queries rather than presenting links that are relevent to the query.

In a Google+ post by Google, it was explained that OneBox is now capable of letting you know the distance between two remote locations.  You’ve heard of the term “as the crow flies”?  Well, that’s exactly what it does.  It shows you the distance “as the crow flies.”

As an example, here is an image taken from OneBox:

Google crow flies serp













In addition, OneBox will work with “far-flung locales, beyond what you can drive or walk.”  Asking the distance between Miami and Seattle, you’ll end up getting a distance measured by driving mileage, as well as the directions from point A to B.

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