This last year, the folks who do PPC for a living had things really mixed up for them because of the pandemic. Many of these PPC marketers have had to work magic in order to save brands from going out of business.

That doesn’t mean that PPC has always been the same. Ever since it first became a thing, PPC pros have had to always reinvent themselves in order to stay ahead of the game.

2020 has made us do a lot or reinventing and adapting in order to survive. But this might have been a positive sign in disguise because PPC pros who were smart have been positioned to use the tools they have in order to help brands recover while adapting to new normals in the way we do commerce.

What are some important and critical ways can we take from 2020 and apply them to 2021? Let’s take a look at a post over on Marketing Land were they give us three lessons that will help us make 2021 a great year.