GooglePatents-resized-600When Google goes and updates something on their search engine, it can be either good or bad, especially when it comes to an algorithm.  Generally, a change that is made by Google can generally be pretty frustrating when it suddenly changes something, and there was no clue it was going to happen.

These changes can be an irritating situation for you, especially when you’ve got to explain a sudden negative traffic change to your client.  Not only that,, but you’ve got to tell them that you’re going to have to enact a new strategy to get their website back to where it was.

No matter the situation, there’s no way we can avoid this from happening, and because of that, we won’t ever be able to fully future-proof ourselves against Google changes.  But, there’s luckily some good news.  There are ways to stay ahead of the game.

One of these ways is simply to understand the patents that are being applied by Google and how they could impact search in the future.

There is an article written by  where he teaches us about three different patents that could have a huge impact on future results, for both you and your clients.  The patents include:

  1. Onsite and offside search ranking results
  2. Using structured data for search result deduplication
  3. Rich content for query answers

Check out Patrik’s post on Search Engine Land to read up on all the details on the patents by following the link to his article below.

Search Engine Land: 3 Google Patents You Need To Know About In 2016