What Are Some Classic Tips That Can Help You Write Effective Google Ads Copy?

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When you search for something on a search engine like Google or Bing, you will undoubtedly come across ads. These ads are important for a business to get a message across to their target audiences, whether it be to sell a product or service.

Besides image and video ads being an important part of marketing, copywriting is also just as important to the success of your ad campaign. The right ad copy can make connections with the image/video, encouraging those potential customers and clients to visit your website.

Excellent copywriting acts as a guide, showing people where they need to go.

But there are times when we get writers block when it comes to the creative side of PPC and ad creation. But the best performing digital ad creative is usually made with some important classic marketing and advertising principle.

Check out the column, written by Adam Proehl, where he takes us through ten classic principles that you can use for your digital ad creative to really help you get a head in the game!

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