What Are Some Content Marketing Trends You Need To Look Out For In 2022

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The pandemic has really done a number on the world. We started off with lockdowns, social distancing, masking up, and closing businesses. We began doing schooling and work from home, as well as altering our normal social routines. The changes we’ve implemented since the beginning of the pandemic have even changed how we do content marketing.

These days, we are seeing more consumers shifting to doing more things online. Just this year alone (2021), 43% of marketers have seen an increase in marketing budget, and it looks to grow as high as 66% in 2022.

In a Search Engine Journal column written by Andy Betts, he shows us ten different content marketing trends that drives increased investment in video, digital and real-world events, owned-media assets, and paid media.

He will show us tips and takeaways for each one that will allow us to really utilize them for success in 2022.

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