facebook-logoSo, you’re doing what you can to drive traffic to your blog, so you’re doing everything you can to do it.  You’re utilizing an email marketing plan to raise awareness, you’re tweeting links to your newest post, and you’re using Facebook to disseminate content.

As far as Facebook is concerned, the biggest problem is that there is so much stuff going on on Facebook, that it’s hard to capture your audience’s attention.  It’s especially difficult when one of your subscribers has a ton of different posts coming in on their Facebook timeline.  Because of this, it’s quite easy for your newest Facebook post to get lost in the shuffle.

There has got to be other ways than just placing a post about a new article, right?  Right!  But what are some of the other ways to utilize Facebook for greater traction?

Debbie Miller has some ways for us to gain traction on the Facebook scene – 8 ways to be exact!

These creative ways to drive traffic to your blog with Facebook can be found by checking out Debbie’s article on Search Engine Journal, which you can check out now below.  Check it out now!

Search Engine Journal: 8 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook?