multicore-mobile-tabletWhen it comes to celebrity fame and their fan base, capitalizing on it from a marketing standpoint isn’t anything new.  But, something that has changed though is how brands are using celebrity endorsements, as well as what constitutes a celebrity.  Sure, we know who Taylor Swift is, but do you know Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg?  Both of these people are celebrities, but they are celebrities in different ways.  One is a well know singer, while the other is a famous YouTuber.

With YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram celebrities making name for themselves, brands are targeting influencers with large audiences to get their message and brand name out there to the fans.

So what are some ways social media celebrity endorsements that can pay off big time?  Mindy Weinstein has written up an article for Search Engine Journal that shows five different examples of how social media celebrity endorsements have paid off big time.  In the list, you’ll notice that the campaigns don’t include just celebrities in the traditional sense.  It also includes influencers and daredevils as well.

Check out Mindy’s article by following the link below!

Search Engine Journal: 5 Examples of Social Media Celebrity Endorsements That Paid off Big Time