What Are Some Great Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate?

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It’s important that you pay attention to your website’s bounce rate, as they can indicate the relevancy of page content. Having a high bounce rate can be an alarming stat since that means people are visiting a web page, and immediately leaving without clicking through other internal links on the website.

Being able to diagnose high bounce rates in order to figure out what kind of improvements you should be making can actually improve user engagement, as well as your site rankings.

We do need to keep in mind that a high bounce rate doesn’t automatically mean there is an underlying issue with your site or a web page, but it’s something you should not only be aware of, as well as figuring out if there is a legitimate issue or not.

Natalie Hoben wrote a Search Engine Journal column where she shows us 20 ways we can turn high bounce rates into opportunities to improve your bounce rate, and increase site performance.

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