Site-AuditWhen we, as an SEO, conduct SEO audits, we’re evaluating the technical condition of a website.  Some of the things that get covered include the website’s status, any issues with the technical setup, content, linking and the over all organic search performance.

But really, there’s a lot more that goes into an audit.  The point of an audit is to let you discover growth opportunities that were once hidden from you.  With an audit, it’ll let you prioritize your SEO actions depending on how critical they are and how big of an impact that they’ll have.

There are times when big opportunities aren’t identified, which leads to them not being recommended to be prioritized in the SEO process.  This happens because the important questions, the key questions, about the assessed elements or data gathered during the audit simply haven’t been asked.

There is a column written by  for Search Engine Land that asks some key questions that she’s asking when doing SEO audits.  These questions allow her to both prioritize and focus on the changes with the highest growth potential.  In the end, she can fix issues that are usually overlooked.  By asking these same questions, you can do the same thing.

Check out Alevda’s post that asks these questions by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: 7 Key Questions To Unlock Growth Opportunities In Your SEO Audits?