What Are Some Of The Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make?

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Just like anything in your life, if you’ve spent enough time in the SEO industry, or you’ve used SEO to help improve your website to get more views on the search engines, you will make a lot of mistakes as you are learning. After a while, you’ll slowly learn from your mistakes. Given enough time, you’ll eventually make fewer mistakes as you go.

But even after years of doing SEO, it’s still possible to make a mistake here and there. It’s just a fact of life.

Of course, even if you’ think you have a handle on things, somebody like Google steps in and mixes the pot a bit and changes things up. This means it makes thing easier to mess something else, even if you thought you had a process down.

In this case, every SEO could use a bit of prodding on how to be better

Kristopher Jones has a column on Search Engine Journal where he talks about ten of the worst SEO mistakes you can make….even if you’re an SEO master with years under their belt.

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