What Are Some Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Survey Emails?

SurveyWhen it comes to distributing surveys, you have a number of ways you could do it.  You could post it on your website, on your blog, or social media channel.  But one of the most popular channels for delivering surveys to your audience is through email.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of emails that come our way that look, at best, pretty shoddy and thrown together.

Because they appear to have been put together as an afterthought, why would you want to participate in them?   If you’re one of those marketers who are putting together email surveys like these, you had better start getting your act together.   has written up an article that will help you improve your opens, engagement and click-throughs of email surveys by giving us seven tips.

Some of things he talks about include:

  • Crafting compelling subject lines
  • Getting to the point
  • Setting expectations
  • Giving your subscribers and incentive

Check out Andrew’s post now by following the link I’ve provided below.

Marketing Land: What Are Some Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Survey Emails?

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