What Are Some Ways To Make Your Site Search Friendly Before You Hire An SEO

Cool new websites For SEOs, website architecture is a big focus.  But in recent years, it’s even more important.  To some, website architecture may not be a big deal, but SEOs know better, as it’s the very foundation of the entire website.  Architecture can and will affect how visitors interact with your website, as well as whether or not search engines will be able to properly analyze your optimized content.

Overall, website architecture should be a concern for website developers, and not just SEOs.  It’s strongly recommended that these developers build a website that is search engine-friendly from the get go, regardless of if they have an SEO on their team or not.  If a website isn’t created with strong architecture in mind from the beginning, then future SEO efforts will potentially be hampered, which could create problems in the future.  In the end, it’ll cost more in development costs to fix the problems.

 has written a guide that reviews some of the elements of website design and development that will make performing SEO easier later on.  Stoney’s guide shows us 35 different ways that can make your site search-friendly from the get go so that when SEO is done on the site, it’ll make things run smoother in the end.  This guide is meant primarily for website managers, website developers and web marketing consultants.

Go ahead and check out Stoney’s post on Search Engine Land by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: 35 Ways To Make Your Site Search Friendly Before You Hire An SEO