What Are Some Ways To Stay On Top Of Average CPC?

Google adwords When running AdWords, you are going to be spending money, and a pretty good amount of it, just so you can continue to keep your brand or website on the forefront of people’s minds.  When you’re running PPC, you obviously want to know how much you’re paying for each and every click somebody makes.  There is something important that you have to remember though, Just because AdWords is giving you an Average CPC, it doesn’t mean that’s the amount you’re paying for your clicks.

As the name suggests, when you’re looking at the Average CPC, that’s all you’re seeing is the average of what you’re paying, not what you’re actually paying.  And beyond that, you have to considering other factors as well, including the user’s exact query, the device that they are using, their location and time of day.

Regardless of if users are searching for brand terms or generic keywords regarding services or products, it’s important you understand the different factors that are going into average CPC.

Since CPC is so important in AdWords,  will have us dive into Google’s perspective on Average CPC by giving us four ways to stay on top of the matter.  Check out Matt’s column on CPC by following the link below, which will take you to Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land: Four Ways To Stay On Top Of Average CPC