What Are Some Ways You Can Get Your Community to Submit SEO Content

User generated content When it comes to helping your business to grow, having an active online community is one of the best ways to go.  Even though your community is watching every step you make on your website and social media platforms, are you actually getting the most out of your members?

If the people are following you and are a part of your community, it’s easy to assume they’re advocates and supports of your business.  These same people can also help you create amazing content that can help you reach out to others even further.  According to Tom Schwab on HubSpot, user-generated content is effective sine customers know what other customers want.  And since your customers are legion, they can be trusted to be creative and passionate about it.

Did you know that online communities can even boost the SEO campaign you’ve already been running?  Joshua Paul states on Socious that online communities can add more content to your website or blog, as well as increase traffic, decrease bounce rate, and even help you earn the coveted natural link.

So how exactly can you get the members of your community to create and submit SEO-worthy content?  Liv Longley has provided six ways you can accomplish that  on her SEJ post, 6 Ways You Can Get Your Community to Submit SEO Content.  Check it out!