What Are The Biggest Priorities For Your First Week As A New Marketing Manager?

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Starting a new job is always scary and tricky to do. And starting off in a new position, such as a new marketing manager. is even more harrowing, as you try to understand everything that the new job entails. Trepidation and excitement are on the top of your mind because you are in a whole new world, and you don’t know where to start.

Paul Schmidt, a Director at SmartBug Media, understands the feeling, as he has worked with a Boston-based search marketing agency, so he knows exactly how it feels to begin work as a new marketer.

Paul has come up with some recommendations that he put into an article over on Search Engine Journal that come from a marketer’s perspective. He shows us 10 important tasks that you should focus on in your first week so you can get a solid SEO foundation.

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