link-buildingAs a marketer or webmaster, are you interesting in the online visibility of your business or brand?  I’m sure that if you’ve put enough blood, sweat and tears into it, I think it’s safe to assume that you want to keep your business in the eye of as many viable customers as possible.  In this case, one way to help keep people seeing your site and coming to it, you can’t afford to disregard links.

Somewhere, there was a misconception that’s making it’s way around the digital marking industry that would make you believe that you don’t need to worry about links.  Instead, you should simply be able to create content, or possess a great marketing campaign to help carry you through, and somehow, links will somehow magically just happen.

This is in no way saying that marketing and great content is a bad thing by any means (after all, they are key parts the the entire puzzle), but that doesn’t mean you should actively ignore link acquisition.  You could put a ton of effort into your PR, marketing campaign, and content, and you could be getting some positive results from them, but you must realize that links are just as important.  By ignoring links, you’re really missing out on some great opportunities.

There are a number of reasons why including link acquisition in your online marketing is a good thing, which includes visibility in search, and visibility on industry-specific sites, directing qualified traffic, creating meaningful connections and relationships with your consumers, and building positive brand awareness and reputation.  By not taking a dip into the link acquisition pool, you can kiss all of these benefits goodbye.

In an article written by , we will explore some high-profile examples of missed opportunities that result from ignoring link building.  In Andrew’s article on Search Engine Land, he talks about the importance of internal linking structure, and gives us strong examples for active link acquisition.  Check out his article by following the link provided below to read all the specifics on the matter.

Search Engine Land: The Unfortunate Consequences Of Ignoring Links