google-adwords-redwhite-1920Its funny how time can change the things you do, the things you think about, or in this case, the things you write about.  A few weeks ago,  was planning on writing a guide to the data points that are available in the new AdWords Report Editor which isn’t available in the normal “Campaigns” section of AdWords.

But over these last few weeks, something happened.  AdWords launched some additional updates that give users the ability to view almost all of these new data sets throughout the “Campaigns” section of the platform.  During the writing of Susan’s article, she had access to only one view of data that you can onl get in the Report Editor.  What new data points are there, and what is this Report Editor?  Everything boils down to more data!

We won’t spoil all the fun here, which means you’ll have to check out Susan’s article at Search Engine Land!  Just follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: The Never-Before-Seen AdWords Data Points That Have Been Quietly Rolled Out To Your Account