A view of Facebook's logo May 10, 2012 iIn online marketing, being able to get the word out about your business or brand is mandatory if you want it to not only survive, but thrive.  One of the ways to market is through the use of ads.  Ads can be a very influential way to get people coming in to make a purchase, or to simply get your name out there.

Typically, we will use tools such as AdWords and Bing Ads to get ads out there through the biggest search engines known today.  But of course, there’s more than just through the Google and Bing networks that you can get your ads through.  There is also Facebook, the current leader of social networks that you can place ads on to get further exposure.

For the past few years, Kane Jamison has been working with Facebook Ads, and has, by his own admission, become obsessed with use the tool.  According to Kane, he loves Facebook Ads as one of the most powerful tools that we have has digital marketers at this point.  With Facebook Ads, you will be able to “reach the ideal audience for your organization with targeting criteria that no other ad network, search engine, or social network can match.”

In a recent Moz post that Kane has written, he shares 10 of the biggest quirks that caught him off guard since he first began learning Facebook Ads.  His post will help the rest of us avoid some of the same mistakes.  If you’re big into Facebook Ads, or you’re just beginning, why not give his article a look?

Moz Blog: 10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads