What Are Three Changes Coming To Google Ads Automated Extensions?

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There are some changes coming to Google Ads Automated Extensions – three to be exact.

With Automated extensions, you can create some pretty robust ads. According to Google, “when an automated extension is predicted to improve your ad’s performance, Google Ads automatically creates and displays it below your ad. Most automated extensions are eligible to show with all ad types, however a few only show on desktop and laptop computers.”

What are these three changes that are coming, anyway?

  1. Automated and manual extensions can be shown together – In March, these extensions will be displayed alongside manually created extensions.
  2. Reporting – In a manor of weeks, we will be able to get a report for “Automatically created” extensions, which can be found in the table view of the Extensions page.
  3. Can be added at ad group, campaign, or account level – Beginning in March, sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets from higher levels in your account will be able to be served with extensions of the same type from lower levels.

Source – Search Engine Land

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