What Do You Need To Know About Keyword Stuffing As A Google Ranking Factor

You’ve heard the saying that too much of a good thing, right? This can be the case with anything, and in this case, does this apply to keyword stuffing? Are too many keywords good or bad?

You might be writing an article, a blog post or a sales pitch, and you would assume that if some important keywords are good, then having more is clearly a good thing, right?

Back before SEO was really a thing, the only thing Google had was a basic set of signals it used to determine where it would fall in the SERPs. One of things in that set was keywords. If you used a good amount of them, then the your web page would have a better chance of getting a good ranking.

That was then, though. What about now? What does Google do with websites and pages that contain a high number of keywords in its content?

Check out this column over at Search Engine Journal to find out!

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