What Does The FTC Require When It Comes To Commercial Relationship Disclosures On Social Media?

Ftc logo horizontall jpg Recently, at the Marketing Land SocialPro conference in Las Vegas, Mary Engle, the associate director for Advertising Practices at the US Federal Trade Commission, was interviewed by Danny Sullivan during a keynote presentation.

During the interview, Mary was asked to clarify aspects of the FTC’s guidelines for online advertisers, content producers and social media account owners.  A thorough live blog of the conversation was written by Matt McGee, in case you’re interested in checking that out.

The FTC has also published an extensive FAQ that not only goes over the guidelines, but also tries answering many questions about them.

An article that was written by  can be found on Marketing Land, and in it, provides his own commentary on the guidelines, as well as Engle’s responses to Sullivan’s questions.  Also found in the article, there are some of the main takeaways that could be be useful for those who are managing social media accounts.

Check out the full post below.

Marketing Land: Commercial Relationship Disclosure On Social Media: What Does The FTC Require?