multicore-mobile-tabletAs we all know by now, Google has rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm that began back in late April.  This should be no shock to anybody at this point.  Not only has this brand new algorithm made its debut, but the search company also revealed yesterday that mobile search queries on smartphones are now outnumbering those on tablets and desktops.  Again, this is no surprise.

Most of the time, if there’s a change in an existing algorithm, or the introduction of a new one (like the mobile-friendly one), Google either won’t tell anybody that there was a change or update to an algorithm, or will only give us a short notice if they’re feeling nice.  But this time, Google announced the change in mobiles search several months in advance.  Why?  Because Google knew that this could, and would, change everything.

Obviously, we are now living in a time where mobile is on the forefront of search.  This i why Google gave everybody so much time to prepare.   has created a post that explains why Google’s update should encourage marketers do more than just add some mobile to their marketing campaigns.  They should be moving into native mobile apps.

To find out more, check out Josh’s post in the following link that takes you to Marketing Land.

Marketing Land: What Google’s Mobile-First Rules Mean For Your Marketing Strategy