google-thumbHave you noticed how things have been shifting around in Google’s SERPs?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many others have been noticing the same thing.  This week, Google increased the frequency of their paid search listings, showing up to four ads above desktop search, while at the same time completely removing the ads on the right-hand side.  If you’re an advertiser, what could this mean for your PPC and SEO campaigns?

For a number of years now, Google has been testing four ads above the organic results for a mall subset of searches.  But now, Google has increased the number of searches that display four ads in the search results, namely for “high commercial queries.”

What will be impact of seeing four ads above the search results?  There could be quite a lot, or barely anything at all.  But either way, there could be positive, as well as negative impacts.  To find out what these impacts could mean for advertisers, check out  article on Search Engine Land.  Maybe we’ll learn a little something.

Search Engine Land: What Google’s New Layout Means For Search Marketers