What is Marketing Productivity? How Do We Measure it?

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What is marketing productivity? By definition, it measures an agency’s ability to transform it’s resources into results for your agency, as well as your clients. A great marketing machine can complete projects faster, land bigger clients, deliver great results, and grow as a business.

Productive agencies will instill a sense of excitement and pride in their employees. These businesses instill a wonderful sense of motivation to drive success to even greater heights. Some of the best businesses are always on the lookout for strategies to improve productivity.

Productivity comes from getting closer to a set goal. It’s not just about how fast you can complete work set in front of you, but the actual outcome of the work. It’s all about getting the right things done.

In a Search Engine Journal, Kevin Indig, he takes us through some great marketing productivity an actionable steps you can take to improve it!

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