What Is Programmatic Advertising, And How Does It Work?

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Programmatic advertising has become an increasingly important part of marketing. As digital marketing keeps maintaining its primary position as the primary way marketers communicate, the need for programmatic advertising will continue to increase as tools to improve the process of buying and selling digital ads becomes more important.

But what is programmatic advertising, and what does it do? How is it different from more traditional display marketing?

As Brooke Osmundson says in her article, “Programmatic advertising uses automated technology and algorithmic tools for media buying. The term programmatic relates to the process of how ads are bought and sold in the advertising space.” She goes on to say that programmatic advertising analyzes many user signals to make sure that the ads that are going out are put in front of the right person, at the right time and in at the right place.

If you’re curious about programmatic advertising, and how it works, you might want to check out Brooke’s article on it. She explains the difference between it and display ads, programmatic advertising platforms, how much it costs, its benefits, and the different types of programmatic advertising.

Check out the article over on Search Engine Journal!

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