What Is The Perfect B2B Website Service Page?

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First off, it’s a good idea to make sure we know what a website service page is?

A service page is a page where you describe your signature offer or specific product or service that you sell. Service pages are the most common ways that people end up finding your website through Google.

But how can you create the perfect B2B website service page for your brand? Over at Orbit Media Studios, Andy Crestodina has created a 12 point checklist that you can help you create the best one yet for your website.

For this checklist to work for you, Andy has two criteria:

  1. You offer a premium service to other businesses (B2B)
  2. There are several people involved in the ales process, and can take weeks to decide on a provider.

Here is his checklist in an infographic. You can also find more detailed descriptions of each checklist point on Orbit Media Studios.

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