What Is There To Learn From Scraping Moz’s Active User Base?

Scraper You can learn a lot about a brand’s active user base.  The people that come and utilize your site and services are the backbone of your brand, so why not try to find out who is using it? At Moz, and article appeared this morning, written by iPullRank, describing that he came up with the idea to scrape all of the publicly available profile data of the SEOmoz users.  I know it’s simply Moz now, but the data scrape was done while Moz was actually still SEOmoz.

Because of the information he was able to obtain after the scrape, iPullRank was able to get some interesting insight on the site’s users.  As stated in the article, content strategies and link-building campaigns can be formulated based on the pulled user data.  This is something that can really help shape the future of a brand if this was done on more sites, wouldn’t it?

Here’s where you can find the full article posted on Moz: