What Makes The Best Social Media Video Ads

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DId you know that video ads are considered the highest converting ads on social media? This is certainly the case if they’re done correctly!

With social media video ads, they can help capture attention, and are great for remarketing based on previous viewing thresholds, and are overall more cost-effective.

So why wouldn’t you want to use video ads?

Here are some advantages to video advertising:

  1. Customers tend to watch more video than other forms of media
  2. Video ads can help convert sales
  3. People tend to share more videos with others
  4. Video ads do really well with mobile users
  5. Video is a perfect format for informing and educating
  6. Search engines love video
  7. A video is able to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time
  8. Video can tell stories better than other formats

In this Marketing 360 video, you’ll learn about these five tips on how to design a successful video ad:

  1. Short and sweet. Keep under 15 seconds. People have a short attention span. 
  2. Motion creates emotion – include movement
  3. Get the message and the hook or CTA across inside 3 seconds
  4. Keep it simple. Don’t make your add too busy. Try to boil it down to the key benefits of your product or services
  5. Make sure your video is good without sound

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