What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

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Twitter googleRemember back in February of this year when we got the news of the Google-Twitter deal?  Well, ever since then, we haven’t heard a single thing about it since then  All we know is that Twitter has given Google access to Twitter’s “firehose” of live tweet data.  That’s it.  This information was the only info that we were given on the matter.  We have no idea what the search results will look like once the deal is implemented “in the first half of this year“.

Like with all bits of news like this, there will always be speculation.

If Google will have access to Twitter’s data feed, not only will Google be able to get access to the tweets themselves, but they could benefit from metrics that would likely come from the tweets themselves and the user interactions with them.  So what could Google do with these metrics?  They could determine how (and what) tweets will show in search.

So how will this whole Google/Twitter deal work out?  Miriam Hirschman explores the options in her post, which can be found on Search Engine Land.  Check out the post by following the link found below.

Search Engine Land: What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

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