Everything your brand is doing in the new year should support one major goal – better local customer service.

At face value, it sounds simple.  But of course, it’s not actually simple at all, as marketing brim with a thousand different tasks.  If the goal of each initiative isn’t to serve the customer better, it’s time to change the heart of your business.  By putting customers first, as well as their problems, and at the center of your brand’s strategy, your enterprise will continuously return to this heart of the matter, the heart of commerce.

What will local the local customer service ecosystem look like in 2019?  Miriam Ellis, in a Moz article, discusses what it could look like during the next year.  She discusses the key to the local customer service ecosystem and breaks it down into specific aspects, how customer’s problems are yours to solve, how you should reach out to customers, and how loyal service sparks customer loyalty.

[Read the article over at Moz.com]