top-link-building-ideasYou’ve spent countless hours creating your link building campaign, and you have high hopes that it’ll be successful and bring in a lot of new customers.  You have the perfect content, you’ve identified all the people for outreach, sent the word via email and social media.  After laying down all that hard work, you wait for the visits to start coming in, but you slowly begin to realize something.  After a while, not a single soul has come to your site.  Not a one.

You start at your analytics in absurd wonderment and think about why nobody is taking the bait of your carefully constructed link building efforts.  Could it have been something you’ve done?  Was there a mess up in your message somewhere?  Was your work not as attractive to others that you thought it would be?

This is where you have to realize something.  Just because you put your heart and soul into your campaign, doesn’t mean it’ll be a success.  That, unfortunately, is the way life is.  You can’t succeed every time.  But, perhaps you can use what you’ve learned and figure out what to do next.  You don’t want to waste all of your time and effort, right?

I’m sure this has happened to everybody.  After all, to fail is to be human, right?  But if you want to get back on track, and do better with your next campaign, there are some tips that  has written out for those looking for some help in their future link building campaigns.   Casie has an entire post dedicated to helping those who have failed to get get back on their feet.

Just check out Casie’s post on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: What To Do When Your Link Building Campaign Fails