What Web Design Practices That Frustrate SEO Professionals?

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SEO work can be a difficult task by itself, but it doesn’t help anything or anyone if there is an issue between your SEO (or SEO team) and your web developer. Despite how good the finished site itself is, it might end up being a bad time ranking with Google simply because there communication broke down between the two.

People who work on the SEO side knows how valuable their work is, and knows how good or poor web design practices can really mess up the user experience. After all, good user experience is important is it draws in new visitors and keeps existing visitors and users loyal to your brand’s products and services.

Good SEO professionals will keep tabs on web design practices since changes can be costly, and even have a negative impact on user experience.

But what web design practices frustrate SEO pros the most? Kim Krause Berg has a post on Search Engine Journal that you’ll want to check out!

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