new-years-eve-2015-5985438795825152-hp2x-800x368Today, on New Year’s Eve, Google has put up a new animated Doodle on their home page for the last day of 2015.  The image is of funny and colorful birds on a branch, with an egg besides them, wrapped in a 2016 banner.  They birds are even wearing party hats, obviously waiting for the egg to hatch.

You might notice that on the Google Doodle page, Google says “check back tomorrow to see what will hatch in the new year.”

Google Doodle Page 2015

Below is the animated version of the Doodle:


If we want to see what’ll hatch from the egg, we’ll have to be patient and come back on New Years Day.

But, if you live in the land down under (Australia), where it’s already the New Year, you can check it out by going to Google Australia.  What’s cool is that, when you check it out, make sure you refresh a number of times, as the things that hatch are actually different once the page has refreshed.

For more festivities, you can check out Bing, as they have a pretty festive home page up today, as well.

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